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Flagship Homes is the Premier Builder and Real Estate Provider in Cap Estate and the Island of St. Lucia. This site should provide you with all you need to know about our beautiful piece of land, and how you can join us, or simply contact us now and we’ll get you to where you need to be.

St Lucia Villas Real Estate in Saint Lucia St Lucia Real Estate

If you haven’t heard of St. Lucia, you sure have been missing a lot. The Island of St. Lucia practically defines paradise with luscious mountains, green meadows, and an unspeakable tranquility. All these only prove one thing, St. Lucia remains untouched by the modern world.

There is so much to see and do in St. Lucia, but the best part is living in its luxury villas. It’s been said that there is no better comfort, no greater joy experienced than the one in St. Lucia’s luxury villas. The luxury villas, St. Lucia, are so designed and located to give you the most stunning views of the beautiful St. Lucia Island. Atop the veranda of St. Lucia’s luxury villa, you can practically witness a paradise unfolding before your very eyes. You can also take a relaxing dip into the crisp and crystal clear waters of the villa’s swimming pool. Investing in a property in St. Lucia, specifically in one of its luxury villas, is definitely worth your money. You see, St. Lucia has by and large one of the best investment climates in the world. The Pound Sterling and the Euro dollar are performing much better than the US dollar. Owning a property in St. Lucia means that you will only have to spend half of the amount you would otherwise have to shell out when you choose to invest in neighboring Caribbean destinations.

Yes, it can be safely said that the St. Lucia Real Estate is booming, which makes it even wiser to invest in luxury villas --- and why not? Imagine, you don’t just get to experience luxury at its best, you also have to spend just one-half of its market value.

The world has only begun to notice St. Lucia, and before long it will become one of the top tourist destinations. There is no better time than now to invest with a property in St. Lucia. Even if you don’t get to visit St. Lucia often, you’ll still be able to maximize your investments by renting the place out. For sure, there are so many people who would run at the opportunity of staying at St. Lucia’s luxury villas for the summer. It’s definitely worth your money, and most people are only too willing to pay good money to have an experience of a lifetime. Indeed, the moment you experience St. Lucia, you know that it is something worth telling a thousand times over.


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There are 24 beautiful homes for sale in the exclusive Cap Estate area of St. Lucia. These Caribbean Villas boast modern amenities and a classical style, by Sater Design and built exclusively for you by Flagship Homes.